The price of this flying car at EUR 92,000 would make it a bit expensive for a toy. But it is not just a toy, Jetson has built in assistance features: the 86kg Jetson ONE can fly safely even if one of its engines fails and has a rapidly deployable ballistic parachute on board. Lidar sensors offer terrain tracking and obstacle avoidance capabilities, while an emergency function enables hands-free hovering. All production for 2022 is sold out, but the company is taking orders for 2023. The Jetson ONE offers 20-minute flight times. The flying car reaches speeds of 102 km/h. A charger is supplied with the vehicle and can charge the batteries in approximately one hour on 230/240V and two hours on 110V domestic electricity. Batteries can be swapped out to avoid downtime while charging. Each customer receives a two-day training course at one of the company's Experience Centers, learning the rules of flight and how to control the vehicle and use its safety features. The Swedish eVTOL manufacturer has opened a new test facility in Italy near Arezzo in Tuscany. The company said: "Tuscan climate allows for perfect flight test conditions and the 800 meter long runway means we can continue to fly every day." Also check out our used Jetson ONE for sale at a lower price.