Flying cars magazine. Cars Fly !

21st July 2017. We are proud to announce our first issue is almost ready, as you can see with great emphasis on gender equality. We still have some spots left for advertisers... don't wait too long :) To participate Register here. While a large part of the world is enjoying the summer season, many of you have probably been travelling on airplanes. We all like those friendly and good-looking flight attendants and probably some of you pushed that attendance button one time more than was really necessary. Since the beginning of the aviation industry, flight attendants have been contributing to the aviation industry's image and brand. With flying cars, you will have the liberty to make short distance travels, from door-to-door in a comfortable way. For longer distances you would still prefer to take the airplane, there is no real competition between these two different transportation means. But unfortunately, when travelling by flying car, you will certainly miss these friendly flight attendants. We have been thinking some time to create a magazine about flying cars. There are already a significant number of flying car manufacturers. The founders and executive management of these have very interesting stories to tell. But the industry is still not big enough to create sufficient content for a regular print magazine. So what if we combined the best of 2 worlds: we organize a vote among our newsletter subscribers to select the best-looking and kindest cabin crew, let's say 2 male and 2 female attendants for each print magazine and we add also an interview with 1 manufacturer of a flying car. Maybe you are thinking now we could also add a third dimension: the cuisine on board...but we guess that's not really the kind of food one would spend time reading about :)

The interviews with the flight attendants will be about the city where they grew up. They will give readers tips about the interesting places, restaurants and bars to visit in that city. The good life, in other words. Those small businesses in their home town, will not have to pay for the publicity they will get in our magazine. Maybe that will inspire them to make their flight attendant a VIP guest in their business. Giving them free food, drinks, hairstyling, etc. The cabin crew will also tell us a bit more about themselves ... exactly those little details you would like to know when you are observing your flight attendants moving through the cabin of the airplane. To make it even more interesting, we will also add their relationship status and offer a subtile approach if one of them would be looking for a partner! In that case, simply ask the flight attendant for an autograph on your personal copy of the magazine ... and maybe he or she will add a phone number to it as well :) The cabin crew can appear in their work uniform on the cover of the magazine. This will give some publicity to their respective airlines. And there are enough boutiques at any airport, to make a special photoshoot for our magazine. These shops will be more than happy to give all the stuff from the photoshoot away to the cabin crew, as long as their shop is mentioned in our magazine. We are looking for native English speakers to help writing the interviews and also of course some candidate cabin crew for our contest... so please don't hesitate to hit that share button on your favorite social network ! 

Flight attendants wishing to participate in our contest can register here and then follow these steps: Edit, Update Your Profile, Portrait, Upload new image. Our sponsors include Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Jimmy Choo, Versace, Cartier, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren and Armani ... they will be very happy to welcome you in their stores! We actually got inspired by the now famous initiative of making artistic nude calendars and donating or using the profits for good causes. We will also donate 20% of our profits to good causes, causes selected by our contest winning cabin crew. But in our magazine and on our calendar, people will be wearing either airline uniforms, designer clothing and/or trendy items from starting fashionistas!