May 11th, 2017. We focus on a flying car ambulance prototype. Every day people in metropolitan cities are either fatally injured in traffic or involved in other deathly accidents or their lives are endangered because of chronic illnesses. Because of limited transportation options inside these big cities, people are transferred to the nearest hospitals, not to the best qualified hospitals. With flying car technology these critically injured and sick people could be transported to the hospital that has the right specialists available at that moment to treat the specific trauma.  

It is absolutely necessary to not only consider drones, but also manned drones with wheels, i.e. flying cars, so that these drones can drive safely into narrow tunnels and under bridges. Urban planners would need to foresee safe zones for these flying cars to take-off and land, because cities contain electric wires, trees and other obstacles. 

This technology comes at a high financial cost. But how much is 1 life worth exactly ?"

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